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Volta Taper Candlestick:

Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the Volta Taper Candlestick...

Substantial enough to be used as a weapon, but more appropriate as a shining beacon of light, the Volta Taper Candlestick is a contemporary interpretation of a classic design that flawlessly blends form and function.

Effective singly as an accent to an intimate conversation or the focal point for a calming meditation, Volta Taper Candlesticks may be placed in pairs to celebrate a favorite meal or welcome the Sabbath, or arranged in larger groups for parties and formal dinners. Mix and match the colors - silver, black, gold and red - to call in the four directions or to create a personal and unique grouping.

Volta Taper Candlesticks are available in 5" and 7" sizes. Designed to accommodate candles with a standard 7/8" tapered base, Volta Taper Candlesticks are carefully balanced and weighted to remain stable. Dripless candles are recommended, but not included.

Created for 15Kv Design by the product designer and industrial craftsman Vince Alcouloumre, Volta Taper Candlesticks are made individually by Vince in his Northern California studio. Crafted from anodized aluminum, each piece is signed by the artist, includes an artisan story card and ships in its' own scratch-resistant, postconsumer fleece pouch.

Candlestick 5"
$85.00 each
Candlestick 7"
$95.00 each
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