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15Kv Design is proud to introduce Vince Alcouloumre's premier collection of handcrafted functional sculpture for the home and office. Titled the Volta Series, the anodized aluminum collection is named in honor of Count Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), an Italian physicist known especially for the development of the first electric cell in 1800. Known as the "Voltaic pile," this precursor to the chemical battery produced a steady electric current. 1

By harnessing Volta's steady electric current and directing it to power various CNC equipment, American craft and industrial design artist Vince Alcouloumre transforms aluminum into forms that are elegant, glamorous and modern. Stylistically reminiscent of Art Deco, the attractive shapes of the Volta Series result from precise mathematical calculations and geometric designs applied to useful objects utilized in everyday life.

The aluminum surfaces are finished by anodizing - an electrochemical process that seals and protects the pieces while allowing the intricate and unique surface designs made by the machining process to shine through. Either richly colored or metallic silver, the Volta Series of objects are designed to complement any décor - traditional or modern, classic or contemporary, indoor or outdoor. Volta Series pieces will not tarnish or rust, and are extremely easy to care for: just wipe with a soft clean cloth and a bit of furniture polish to preserve the shine.

Made of recyclable materials, machined and anodized using environmentally friendly methods that result in no chemical run-off or other waste, and packaged in post-consumer fleece, the Volta Series illustrates that art can be created for the greater "green" good.

The Volta Series offers a rare opportunity for the collector to own individually signed art objects that are both sculptural and functional.

Appealing to both men and women, the tableware and accessories in the Volta Series make beautiful, thoughtful and useful gifts.

1 Source: Wikipedia Article - Alessandro Volta